Mapping the END CALL Key on Android (Xperia X10 Mini Pro)

If you happen to have an Android phone, and then you started making calls, and wanted to hang up, saw 3 buttons, the Menu key, Home key and Back key, your screen is off and now thinking where the heck is the END key, you are not alone, honey. I futher realized that Sony Ericsson

MiLi Power Crystal External Power Bank for Digital Products

Being a user of X10 Mini Pro, I can’t blame myself for being energy-hungry for my gadgets. So I was planning to get either an Energizer EnergiToGo XP1000 or XP2000 or MiPow whichever is available. So I was informed it’s available in Power Mac Centers so I headed over to Greenbelt to see one for

My Xperia X10 Mini Pro Battery solution

The Xperia x10 Mini Pro is an excellent smartphone from Sony Ericsson. Consider its utterly small package, it is really impressive. Now the only problem it has which I believe is really serious, is its battery life. Having all the features that all its big brothers have, a 970mAh battery is just not enough. This