Google Nexus 7 – The First Tablet I ever Needed

I have always thought I’ll have no use with tablets. That was back in the days when the iPad is the only tablet worth using and the Android ones are yet stuck with thick-bodied, low-spec-ed, poorly-built, low resolution, resistive touchscreen models. (Okay I may have gone a little carried away with describing. LOL.) Then the

Samsung Galaxy S3: A Sweet Surprise

I am not a fan of Samsung. Definitely not. I am one of those who think Samsung is nothing but a wannabe. Be it Apple, Blackberry or whatever. I am borderline hater! I am a Sony Ericsson fanatic. I may have mentioned that in my recent posts. Having an Xperia S will be a dream

iPhone 5: Rumor vs. Imagination vs. Reality

Every rumor was right. LTE, earphones, design(which was pretty much exact). And yes, we were right about the one-hand operation thing Apple was going to stick to. If you’ve been following Technoodling and/or TechnoBaboy, you’ll be surprised how close iP5 is to what you can imagine when you put the pieces together. These are quite

Samsung Galaxy S3 Cases and Covers

Once you get your hands on the best smartphone your money can buy, all you can go think about now is to go ACCESSORIZE! Now here in the country you can find tons of places to get your accessories from. You can even get them online (even over at Facebook). Though things don’t quite work

Samsung Galaxy SIII Firmware Update – Aug 22, 2012

Samsung rolls out a firmware update for Galaxy SIII which I got notified of just today. I got my first and prolly last update for the firmware while on ICS. 1 more week before the rumored Jelly Bean update for the SIII! Haven’t found any noticeable changes from this update so far except the the