Sony Xperia SP – Sony Shows You How Far Mid-range Phones Can Go


The Sony Xperia SP, is a Sony Mid-range member with a mixture of 2012 and 2013 features. While its 1.7 GHz Krait Dual-core processor somehow screams it’s a “last-year’s” phone, coming out LTE-enabled tells us otherwise.


The dual-core processor might sound like a downer to most, but I suggest everyone to take a better look at this one. Having a humble processor, it totally doesn’t bring a humble performance. Navigation and multi-tasking is definitely a breeze. Since I first got my hands on mine, it’s either I haven’t paid much attention, or there had not been any lags at all. I may have had experienced Facebook and Instagram crashes once or twice (but heck, it happens a lot lot more often on the iPhone).

So here’s quick run-down of the ups and the downs of the Xperia SP

Speed/Performance EXCELLENT
Knowing before-hand that this baby runs on a dual-core processor, I expected a lot less. Everything is fluid and smooth! (Hop on over to this article by, they’re telling the truth!)

If you are going for an all-around camera then start looking away. I don’t know if it’s just me or the camera is very very disappointing. I get more decent shots with my iPhone 4S. Very significant difference especially under low light conditions. The shots are grainy, bad coloured and will get you more out-of-focus shots than you should with its auto-focus.  Fortunately, those tests where run with the camera app’s default settings. You can get better results when you tweak around a little, although it might not work for ones that do not know what they’re doing. Lol.

Battery Life – EXCELLENT
Getting your smartphone last a day nowadays is truly impressive. LTE for one, is very power-draining which only goes second to the screen display. With a battery about the size of its bigger sibling Xperia Z, with a smaller resolution, and a humble processor, and customisable battery optimisation controls (by Sony),you can expect your Xperia SP to go the distance. (depends on usage)

Display – VERY GOOD
Just like all the other Xperias. even the ones from last year, the screen is outstanding. Whatever the Bravia Engine and Reality Display technology does, it does it well. Xperia has always been known for having bad viewing angles but it doesn’t bother me at all since I really don’t spend much time viewing my phone in other ways than upright. (I mean, do you?)

ConnectivityALMOST THERE
There is no such thing as a perfect device. The best thing about this phone is having LTE connectivity. This maybe the biggest thing that ever happened to Xperia SP. Funny that (well maybe not that funny) the worst thing about it falls under the same category–WiFi. It often drops the WiFi connection for no apparent reason (none that we know of). Though it has been reported that this issue is addressed by the latest firmware update, to my dismay,  it wasn’t. The WiFi constantly drops not exactly annoying as it sounds, but that’s for the users to decide.


Overall AppearanceSPLENDID!
If there’s anything I love about this phone the most, it’s  definitely aesthetics. The illumination bar may be a remake from Sony (Throwback 2012 – Xperia U), but this time without compromising much of the features, makes it’s physical appearance it’s BEST selling point. The Illumination Bar dances with your music, lights up with your pictures. ‘Nuff said. It’s a party in my pocket!

And the party in there doesn’t end there. It is locally sold in Official Sony Stores for only PHP 16,999! (It can go down as low as PHP 16,200 when you get them for cash) That’s not bad at all for an LTE-enabled phone. With that, you can even expect it to be future proof for about a year or two.

If the you think this little guys is “your phone” hop on over to Sony Centre in Gateway and SM Megamall. They have been the most accommodating salesmen.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop your comments below.

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