Tekzone Asus Service Center Feedback


So my Nexus 7 has been bothering me for a while how the white spot and dead pixel gets in the way of enjoying the nice display. Not so big issues at all but for those who are OC over their gadgets as much as I am, this can get really annoying. So I looked up on the net for Asus service centers and I found Tekzone in Chino Roces Ave. the nearest one I can probably get to. The phone numbers are up there, I gave them a call before rushing to the place. I get to talk to a nice person from Tekzon, Ms. Marissa, I asked what should I bring in to be honoured for an under-warranty repair for my unit. She told me I can bring in just the unit and probably tag along the proof of purchase. And that’s it. No warranty card, sticker, leaflet what-so-ever. I came over the next day, bringing the whole box just in case (LOL), I showed the service people there what was wrong with my unit and they immediately had me sign up a receipt for repair and claim. I left the whole box with them and I was told it could be done after 3 working days. It took longer than expected since I’m having the whole LCD Module replaced and they needed to order the piece for me.
After another 2 days, I can finally pick it up. And boy, does it look like new. My data needed no reset so it wasn’t a hassle to use it again. The personnel are really very nice and  accommodating they gave me no trouble at all. And now I can enjoy my Nexus 7! 🙂

Two thumbs up Tekzone/Asus Service Center!

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