Xperia Launcher on Google Nexus 7

One thing I really loved about Xperia devices is their UI. Not only does it have fancy effects, but also, it is by far, one of the most (if not the only) classy Android UI out there you can find.

So I’ve always been finding ways to bring it to any Android device I get to use. XDA-DEVELOPERS is the best place to start with when your Android customisation sense starts tingling.  So I was able to find a few. I have installed a lot of no-good ones before actually finding the best one. The first time I tried doing this is with my Galaxy SIII. Problem is, they were picky with the resolution. I got ones that are terribly aligned and/or takes up just a small portion of my screen.

But fortunately for us, we have a good guy, Ra3al from XDA-DEV who ported the Xperia Launcher for all resolutions bringing it to every Android device you can probably have.

Here’s a few screenshots to show you how it looks on my Google Nexus 7.





There! So if you want to download or know more about this launcher, you can head over to his XDA post in the link below:

Many thanks to Ra3al!

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