Google Nexus 7 – My Terrible Fate

I haven’t gotten the Google Nexus 7 as a first peek into the Android world neither is it a switch from an overrated tablet to a less popular one. I’ve gotten the Nexus 7for being a huge Android fan wanting to try the best Apps(or even make ones) only with the device with best hardware specs and up-to-date software I can get.

It sounded like a pretty good deal for the price (P13,995 – Wi-Fi version). Coming from probably two of the most renowned companies in I.T. world, Google and Asus, it wasn’t hard for me to trust the product right away.  I’ve been reading it for quite some time before getting my hands on it, and I must say it pretty lives up well to how it was advertised.


Good graphics rendering, speakers, camera(we don’t really expect a lot from this one), screen resolution. All those good stuff I was expecting, it has it. But I may want to raise a few points I did not expect encountering with my Brand New Nexus 7.

This maybe an isolated case, but for whatever it’s worth, I’d share it with everyone.

I got mine about a month ago from Ambassador appliances (in the all-new Glorietta 2) I have bought mobile phones from there so I really trusted the store since then. I was really excited to fiddle with my Nexus 7 but I had to be patient so I just had the screen protector installed and then kept it in the box until I get home.

Then for about a minute of inspecting the device, I’ve found the left hand side of the Nexus 7 slightly swelling exposing a little part of the rubber lining inside. It’s not a big deal, actually, but for a device, I haven’t used for even a minute, that’s really bad. And worst, with the left side looking slightly pulled away, the part of the screen near it felt a little raised, so when I type with it using both hands in portrait, it makes a little clicking sound as if the glass is moving a little up and down. It may look like I’m just being obsessive compulsive over it, but I swear it’s very noticeable when you look really close and it will get really annoying in time.

So I took it back to the store, waited for 2 days ’cause I was apparently lucky to have their last stock of Nexus 7. I went back on the day they said I can have my new unit. The replacement they gave me was looking good. Nothing swelling, nothing snapping. It’s as good as  I expect it to be. I had the screen protector installed again, grabbed a case for it, then headed home.

And yes it was pretty good. I was playing around with it again, now downloading all those graphic intensive games, and my utilities and all that jazz. I’m really happy with it. (Until I came to notice a white bright spot in the screen, urgh! We’ll talk about this later.) After a few days of using it, for short periods (I don’t bring it to work), the side starts to swell again, I don’t know what the god of neptune is having against me but this is quite awful! My boyfriend has his Nexus, too, so to see if I should complain or I’m just being careless, but yes, it does have this the swelling, too. Really weird cause the right side is pretty darn intact!

Left side of the replacement unit I got.

Left side of the replacement unit I got.

And here’s the bright white spot. I’ve researched about it and it’s called bleeding backlight, I think. I’ve read over some forums that this is a little normal and people are having the same issue with it but what the heck, I don’t want to bother bringing it back again. (I did a lot of waiting and talking in the store and other stuff I don’t want to go through again so I might as well just live with it.)


Top view (No visible sign of the bright spot)

Top view (No visible sign of the bright spot)

TIP: Another thing I think I did wrong is putting anti-glare screen protector on it. It doesn’t give much justice to the high-resolution display. It gets all grainy behind the film. I should have gone for the clear one.

And that’s it. Weird things about my Nexus 7 that I didn’t really love. Hey it wasn’t so bad was it? But if you are O.C. over your gadgets as much as I am or even more, you’re gonna have a bad time. 😛

Next up! The things I LOVE about my Nexus 7.

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