Google Nexus 7 – The First Tablet I ever Needed

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Google Nexus 7   (image via

I have always thought I’ll have no use with tablets. That was back in the days when the iPad is the only tablet worth using and the Android ones are yet stuck with thick-bodied, low-spec-ed, poorly-built, low resolution, resistive touchscreen models. (Okay I may have gone a little carried away with describing. LOL.) Then the Samsung Tablets came out, but I still had no interest since yes, I have no use for them as far as I’m concerned, plus, I am not a Samsung fan. My netbook pretty much suffices all my social networking needs and more when I was in college. (More == word processing, games (like DotA! You can’t play DotA on your tablet–not yet!)

It was when I got my SIII that made me realize gaming is good on Android! I came across a Google Nexus 7 ad on youtube, looked it up on Google and saw how much they claim it too be good enough to run all those graphic intensive games! That was the biggest selling point for me. And being a lot smaller and lighter than the iPad is a plus. And not to mention the price.

It took a little longer before I decided to get my own since unlike what it used to be, there are tons of Android Tablets out now that are really worth a shot. Some even go as low as half-the price of the Nexus with really competitive specs.

But still it boiled down to how the Nexus 7 specs are far better than the others within tolerable price. So, I got myself a 32GB Google Nexus 7.

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