Sony Xperia SL – review on a daily basis

Day 1 – Totally awesome. Impressive design. Display is absolutely stunning. Hands down the best!

Day 2 – Battery is not impressive at all.
May improve in time. I am hopeful.

Day 4 – Rooted. Battery hardly lasts a day. 10 hours of regular use at most! This calls for mods taken up a notch.

Day 11- using the gesture input on keyboard in making this article. Awesome. Battery: not good. I’m spending more time charging than actually using this thing.
Drains even when charging. What gives?

Coming from a Galaxy SIII (I hate to say this but i have to), this is fairly disappointing. Very. Laggy and slow compared to the s3. :/ and did I mention the battery life? 2100mAh on the s3 was good! 1750 on this power hungry baby? Not enough!

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