Samsung Galaxy S3: A Sweet Surprise

I am not a fan of Samsung. Definitely not. I am one of those who think Samsung is nothing but a wannabe. Be it Apple, Blackberry or whatever. I am borderline hater! I am a Sony Ericsson fanatic. I may have mentioned that in my recent posts. Having an Xperia S will be a dream come true!
But things have changed. I still love Sony (just “Sony” now), and I’m still dying to get any of those new Xperias. But Samsung may have gotten my attention now, too. It kinda feels weird that getting my hands on an SIII is not as exciting as how I would have felt getting its obviously-inferior competitor Xperia S. I’ve been playing with it for a couple of days and I get to a love it a little more each day. Haha. I mean, come on! It’s white, it’s huge–even close to a tablet-phone hybrid, the camera is good, the display is good and the best part, it tucks in enough juice to suffice all those fancy things it could do for you! Yay!

Samsung Galaxy S3 is the best Android phone your money can buy. Hand’s down. Probably even the best SMARTPHONE ever. It is indeed the one of the best I have ever seen. There are still ups and downs though on the S3, there are few things I think it falls short. So maybe I can break it down a little some other time (on a more techy aspect on my other blog – digitalcultureph). For now, I just have to make something clear, getting a Samsung Galaxy SIII is totally worth it. Definitely! I’m totally in love with it!

PS. This is a desperate attempt to do a full review. But my emotions got me a little carried away. Lol.

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