Ubuntu 11.10 coming out on 13th of October

The second release of Ubuntu with Unity, is coming out this friday, October 13, 2011.

Going back to the previous release, I am personally a fan of Ubuntu but Unity is breaking my heart.

I have always loved how simple Ubuntu looks, and Unity is achieving that very well but I did not like the idea that I do not have “Start Menu” on my desktop. The weird thing is, on my Windows, every time I open my PC the first thing I do is launch something from my dock. That’s probably why Ubuntu was confident that providing a launcher, then getting rid of the applications menu would be fine. But no, it wasn’t. Maybe since I am really not as familiar with Ubuntu as I am with Windows, it is really unhealthy that I have to type what I want since, you know, when I log in to Ubuntu, I don’t really know what the task manager,control panel and all the other stuffs are called.

The Ubuntu Software Center is a good call, for welcoming new users to the family, but Unity is making it all wrong. 😦

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