Mapping the END CALL Key on Android (Xperia X10 Mini Pro)

If you happen to have an Android phone, and then you started making calls, and wanted to hang up, saw 3 buttons, the Menu key, Home key and Back key, your screen is off and now thinking where the heck is the END key, you are not alone, honey.

I futher realized that Sony Ericsson aren’t really much into this END and CALL key thing,are they? There’s this SE phone I had back in the days (K530i), and guess what, it didn’t have the END and CALL key either. Well at least there was a cancel button. It kinda does the trick.

Anyway, before getting my first android handset, I really made sure I have looked over every single problem I could face and read about solutions to it.
And it’s really surprising how a part of making calls came to me last, well, considering it is, you know, a phone.

I had questions about internet connection, about the 3G, the market, the battery life(a lot on that),the firmware updates and custom roms and I’ll stop saying stuffs before I lose the whole point. But the END KEY? Seriously?

I don’t know if this is an issue with every android phone but mine, an Xperia–wait for it–X10 Mini Pro (right! You never would have guessed,would you?) has 5 buttons, 1) Menu Key 2)Home Key, 3)Back Key 4)Power key/screen lock and the 5) Camera button. And oh! The volume rocker, that should count. And yes! No call key no end key.

The back key doesn’t calls if you would suggest that.

So I guess a few days or weeks of having the phone, I started wondering why is ending a call so complicated?

So there, after a few googling, I have come across I think XDA-developers and found a way through it.

With root access, I can map the end key on my phone.

So here how to do it:
(Tested on the X10 Mini Pro U20i)

-Phone running on Android OS(maybe of version, mine is 2.1)
-Root Access (If you need help in rooting your phone go to this page:
-Root Explorer (

1) Launch Root Explorer.

2) Tap on “Mount R/W“(the one highlighted in gray) to toggle from (R/O)Read-Only to (R/W)Read/Write
It should say something like “Mounted as R/W“.

3) Go to System>usr>keylayout

4) Long press on key mimmi_keypad.kl and press permissions just to make sure you are allowed to save changes.
**It is not required but advisable to copy and paste mimmi_keypad.kl to your memory card or anywhere else just so if you mess anything up(I’m sure you wouldn’t) or want to revert to the original.

On that same set of options choose “Open in text Editor” look for key 107 and replace POWER with ENDCALL. (Don’t worry it still works as a power button anyhow)
and then hit SAVE.

5) Reboot your phone and then give it a try!

6 thoughts on “Mapping the END CALL Key on Android (Xperia X10 Mini Pro)

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  2. Or you can go to Settings -> accessibility -> it will suggest you to download TalkBack (its a google app). this installation will enable the option to end calls with the power button. there is no simpler than that 🙂

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