Samsung Chat 335: Now the cheapest Samsung WiFi phone in the market?

Maybe not only the cheapest phone from Samsung, but probably the cheapest in the market*.

*Excluding local brands and “china phones”.

So I was checking online cellphone stores to check the latest prices and then I came across to this cellphone I had a few months back–Samsung Ch@t 335 WiFi. And what surprised me was the price it dropped down to. The last time I checked, It’s around P 5,000. My Samsung Chat 335 experience wasn’t promising, but to think that this a well-featured phone from a trusted brand, this is quite a deal! I mean, WiFi is really a feature to look for in buying mobile phone nowadays and instead of going for phones that risks quality for whooping features you can definitely have a look at this first!

Screenshot from CMKcellphones (

CMK Cellphones (An online gadget store from the Philippines) offers Samsung Ch@t 355 at PHP 3,690.00.

That is P 300 less than the local myPhone TW1 (a slim iPhone-like WiFi device from myPhone).

So for those who are looking for good quality, budget-friendly, cost-efficient mobile phone, check this out at CMK or your local mobile phone retailers now! 🙂

PS: I am not by any means related to CMK cellphones.

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