The New Xperia Mini Pro – Out in the Philippines

After months of waiting, the Xperia Mini and Mini Pro is finally here.

I found a thread in an online buy and sell website that discusses on the new Sony Ericsson Minis and lead me to this item:

Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro SK 17i brand new complete(

Electroexpo from Tipidcp is selling the Xperia Mini Pro at Php 12,700 (Complete package with Sony Ericsson Warranty)

Photos from Electroexpo of Tipidcp:

It has also been rumored that this is already out in Sony Ericsson Branches at around PHP 14,000.

For more info about this phone, go to this link:

Oh GEEZ. I’m dying. My birthday is 2 months away,  spare those cash for those mugs and photo albums and bring ’em altogether and get me this instead. Please. I’m begging. LOL. It’s painful to look at it when I know I can’t get it. Urggh. Need a job, need a job. Need to graduate A.S.A.P. At least now I know where to drive motivation from! LOL.

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