MiLi Power Crystal External Power Bank for Digital Products

Being a user of X10 Mini Pro, I can’t blame myself for being energy-hungry for my gadgets. So I was planning to get either an Energizer EnergiToGo XP1000 or XP2000 or MiPow whichever is available.

So I was informed it’s available in Power Mac Centers so I headed over to Greenbelt to see one for myself. It wasn’t there and the MiLi Power Crystal was all I could get.

I checked ParkSquare 1 and I found the XP1000. And then, I saw the MiLi Power Bank right next to it. But this time, it’s nearly half the price! This may sound stupid, but the price was really deceiving so I went for it. I honestly have no idea if there are imitations of it or whatever. Maybe I was too excited. I doubted if this is legit or not. So logged on to to activate my warranty. My registration was surprisingly successful. So it got me thinking probably it’s on sale or refurbished but now that someone brought up the idea this could be an imitation, it’s breaking my heart.

Well I didn’t want to go home without ANY portable charger in my pocket so I had to get this. (Brat!)

So here. Honestly, It was such an eye candy. It’s about the size of my phone, slimmer though but about the same height, but more than twice the thickness of EnergiToGo XP1000.

More than the looks, the specs are inviting,too. It can hold as much as 2000mAh(twice of the XP1000), has 4 LED battery indicators and 6 charging tips that can be used for almost every handheld device you can think of. You can get this from Power Mac Centers and probably from any other gadget stores at P 1,650. (The genuine ones.)
I haven’t tested this yet and I’ll be posting reviews as soon as I get the chance.

Here are the technical specifications from

Capacity:2000mAh Input: 5V-0.5A(Max.)
Output: 5V-1A(Max.) Charging time:4.5 hours
Self Power Consumption Time: Up to 5000 hours
Product Dimension:88(L)×54(D)×16(T)mm
Package Dimension:198×110×24mm
Inner Box Dimension:400×208×120mm,15pcs
Carton Dimension:431×415×255mm,60pcs
Gross Weight:10kgs/22.05lb

Product Features:
1. External battery for iPhone*, iPod*,Mobile Phones and other digital products.
2. Small, convenient, easy to use, high capacity.
3. Use USB cable to charge MiLi Power Cystal.
4. 4 LED power indicators.

What’s in the package:
-MiLi Power Crystal
-Multi Lead (cord+USB end)
-6 tips:
*Nokia(small pin),
*Samsung G series,
* Mini USB(for Blackberry/HTC),
*Micro USB,
-Carrying Case

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