My Xperia X10 Mini Pro Battery solution

The Xperia x10 Mini Pro is an excellent smartphone from Sony Ericsson. Consider its utterly small package, it is really impressive. Now the only problem it has which I believe is really serious, is its battery life. Having all the features that all its big brothers have, a 970mAh battery is just not enough. This baby runs on Android and thus, gives us a lot of opportunity to work around the battery problem.

I personally felt the need to use it longer than it allows me to, but as I run through a lot of blogs and forums, I am lucky to make it last for 12hours with seriously heavy use.

The longest that I can remember it lasted is for about 1 and a half day. (with a lot of texting and a couple of browsing through wifi-data and gps is off,brightness set to lowest)

If you think mine is a little better, you might want to check out what I do.

1. Charge the battery FULLY (for real)
It is best to charge with no breaks
You may either charge it when it’s dead or when it’s bellow 5%.
When the led turns green, don’t unplug it,yet!
When it says 100%, wait a little longer!

You have to watch the battery indicator on the notifications bar. If there’s something on the homescreen that says 100% but there’s still a charging symbol on the battery indicator, it isn’t full yet. Wait for it to disappear before unplugging.

DONT UNPLUG when: (look at the battery indicator beside the signal bars)


UNPLUG when:


2. Get your phone ROOTED. (I rooted mine with SuperOneClick)
3. Use Battery Callibration(don’t miss out on this one!)
*This works on rooted phones only
-Charge the battery properly(see tips above)
-Download and Install Battery Calibration from the Market
(Follow the in-app instructions)
-Charge the battery fully(see tips above)
-Hit calibrate
-Unplug phone
-(optional)drain battery then charge again with no breaks(do this for a couple of cycles)

4. Install a Task Manager(I prefer Advanced Task Manager or ZD tools ) **UPDATED

5. Use the Status Switch widget or install Battey Indicator Pro to monitor usage

6. Install an App that manages apps on start-up (I use Android Assistant and AutoStarts). **UPDATED

7. Replace the built-in homescreen with a lighter version(Zeam Launcher,ADW Launcher, Helix)

8. The basics:
These are pretty much obvious
-Turn off WiFi when not needed
-Disable data traffic
-Go to airplane mode when unreachable
-Turn off GPS
-Set brightness to lowest (4%)
-Uninstall or do not use Timescape (I use a seperate Facebook and Twitter App)

And that’s it! I hope that helps!

(I made this post through my x10 Mini Pro)
Battery stats: 100% down to 95%

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The next solution I can think of is either to get a spare battery or a portable charger. For whatever it may cost, I would probably have to decide first if I’d want to bother turning the phone off/go off on its own and replace the batteries every now and then, or bring a charger with me to save me from the shutdown and boot-up time.

5 thoughts on “My Xperia X10 Mini Pro Battery solution

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  2. My problem is that Xperia doesn’t charge anymore 😦 .
    Since my original Xperia charger is missing, i used a BlackBerry charger instead which works the same way with the same plug. It’s been working perfectly but now when i plug the charger it doesn’t charge and also weird enough IT STARTS TO ACT CRAZY LIKE THE TOUCHSCREEN WHICH HITS ALL BUTTONS WITOUTH ME DOING IT. I have spent 2 days with it without charge to turn it on and i’m almost getting crazy enough to smack it down to the floor.
    Any suggestions anyone?
    Thank You πŸ˜€

  3. By the way, I think the Advance Task Manager is enough to keep a good battery life. I recommend:
    1- Turn the Wi-Fi off and only use 3G internet connection (if you have it).
    2- Download the Advance Task Manager and keep constantly killing the apps. Only leave important or the most frequent apps like Whatsapp open or unchecked on the killing list.
    3- Every night and every morning be sure to have your Xperia (or any cell phone) charged at 100% (or at least more than half).

  4. I also had that problem that it just acts CRAZY when you are charging it with a different charger! I think it isn’t compatible. Just use a data cable and connect it to your laptop! That should work!

  5. Me and my sister are having the same charging problem with our xperia, she brought an external charger for batteries and now it does work, although she clearly stated that it is RALLY annoying having to change the battery but it can be benefiical aswell if you buy a good bunch of batteries anyway I planning to follow her lead, you can find an expernal charger zith batteries on ebay and prety much everywhere, Sony = never again -_-

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